Custom Orthotics

BC Injury Care and Exercise in Burnaby is specialized in creating Custom-made orthotics to correct foot misalignment and other foot abnormalities such as flat feet or high arch feet.

Custom-made orthotics give you a better weight distribution and maintain a normal arch in the feet, which not only manage the pain and discomfort in the feet while standing, walking and running, but also would have a good effect on the knees, hips and back area.

Although there are over the counter orthotics, the custom-made orthotics would be precisely and specifically made based on your foot shape and anatomy, the activities you do or type of shoes you wear. Furthermore, Custom-made orthotics would be specifically made based on the condition that may have, from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunion, Achilles tendinitis, etc.

For more information regarding the custom-made orthotics, give us a call or schedule an appointment with our physiotherapist and book a FREE GaitScan Analysis. GaitScan analysis would verify the pressure points in the feet while walking and give you a better understanding of the issue in the feet.